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High Quality Amino Acids

Fufeng USA Incorporated is a premier global manufacturer and supplier of amino acid feed additives. Using superior quality corn, grown locally, we provide our customers with the highest quality amino acid products, including:



Protein synthesis is a key process in the growth of commercially raised animals, and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Fufeng USA amino acids are essential nutrients in livestock diets to meet the physiological requirements of growth and performance. In addition to protein synthesis, amino acids also play a significant role in the metabolism, reproduction, immune system function and the overall health of livestock animals. Some amino acids cannot be converted within the animal’s body and therefore must be consumed via feed and supplements, which is why they are considered “essential” in feed formulations.

Worker clothed in a lab coat, hair net and blue gloves stands over a fermentation vat, reviewing a tablet.

Enriching your livestock feed with Fufeng USA’s amino acids is a recipe for success for livestock production and feed manufacturing.

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