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Threonine is an important additive in many animal feeds, particularly swine and poultry, but also plays an important role in companion animal feeds.

Building full of white broiler chickens with feeding apparatus visible in the background.

Pigs require proteins, polypeptides and amino acids in their diets in order to grow and to build muscle tissue. The protein components of corn and other cereal grains are deficient in threonine, so that protein-rich soybean meal is used in swine feed to increase the content of available amino acids.

An ideal formulation combines soybean meal and amino acids, based on the specific life cycle requirement of the species. For typical corn/soy-based diets for pigs, threonine is the “second-limiting,” or the second nutrient to limit the animal’s growth unless supplemented.

Similarly, for broiler chicken and laying hen diets, threonine is either the second- or third-limiting amino acid in corn/soy-based diets. Therefore, it is a critical additive for poultry diets as well.

Fufeng USA offers our superior quality, high-purity threonine as L-Threonine 98.5% granular. Fufeng L-Threonine granular is available in a variety of delivery options: palleted in both 25 kg bags or bulk supersacks (totes).

Discuss how our threonine can enrich your animal feed today.

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